Ingersoll Rand 80-Gallon Air Compressor Review

Air compressors are a very important part of any worker’s equipment. Whether you are a contractor, a mechanic, a technician or just a person who loves to do DIY projects, an air compressor is a must for you. There are a large number of tasks that can be carried out with the help of an air compressor. From using it to inflate a flat tire to running a nail drill, you can carry out various tasks efficiently and quickly if you invest in a good quality and renowned air compressor.

Air compressors are not something you buy every day, so a few extra bucks should not matter. Your foremost concern should be buying something that has great reviews and will fulfill your needs even after a few years (here we have reviewed some popular units so you can browse and pick the best one for you). Which is why it is imperative that you do your research before investing your money in an air compressor.

Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor is one of the best on the market with this capacity. The Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 is a strong competitor but the Ingersoll Rand has been everyone’s favorite in most departments. It is specifically designed for heavy work in the workshop as well as industrial-level work. The equipment used inside the Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor makes it ideal for heavy as well as medium level work, unlike 120-gallon air compressors that can only be used for heavy-duty work.

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  • It is made of cast iron which, makes it very sturdy and durable
  • It provides continuous duty with the heavy storage space it has
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • It has 2000 hours of working available before changing the synthetic


  • The compressor needs hardwiring, but once hardwired it works like that for life.

Key specifications

Some of the best features of the Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor that makes it different and superior to its competitors are:


Air compressors are not to be moved around the workshop or factory. They are large heavy devices that are kept in one place and the cord that is attached to them is kept long. However, the working and position of the air compressor largely depend on the type of air compressor.

Air compressors with large storing capacity are non-portable but the ones that have a vertical design with lower floor space work efficiently. The Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor is an hot-dog style air compressor that stands tall with minimum floor space. The compression machinery is attached on the top of the vertically standing cylinder. This makes sure that the compression is maximum.


Horsepower is how you determine the power of the compressor you are going to buy. it is one of the things you should consider while buying your air compressor. However, if you look at a hobby type air compressor and an industrial type air compressor, you might see a little variance in the horsepower mentioned.

Mostly, the hobby type air compressors have a false horsepower mentioned but the industrial types have the correct horsepower mentioned. This industrial type 80-gallon air compressor has a horsepower of 5 HP which is at least 3 times more than the hobby type air compressor that is claimed to have 5 HP.

Air pressure

Air pressure measured in pounds per square inch (psi). the Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor is a 2-stage air compressor which means the compressor shuts off in two stages. The maximum pressure it can reach is 175 psi and the minimum is 90 psi which is the least pressure that is required for the air compressor to work properly.

This range of pressure allows the compressor to work efficiently and properly making it compatible with many tools including tire inflating tools and nail gun. Almost all different kinds of heavy-duty and industrial grade tools are compatible with this pressure.

Tank size

Although, the tank size has been mentioned in the name “Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor”, you need to understand how this works and what it means. It is not for producing air rather it is used for storing the air. Around 80-gallons of air can be stored in this air compressor and it takes only three minutes to fill the tank.

However, only having a big tank is not enough. You need to have a big motor as well to pump a large amount of air with a force of pressure. The volume of air that can be pumped from the motor of this air compressor is 14 cfm (know more about size, power and cfm), which is ideal according to the size of the tank.


This air compressor is made of cast iron which not only makes it durable but also makes the working of the compressor smooth and efficient. Air compressors, as mentioned earlier, are not something you buy or change every day, hence, getting something durable and sturdy is a must. Moreover, air compressors usually have problems with moisture which can cause rusting and corrosion. The cast iron uses in this air compressor is treated for rust and corrosion as well, which makes it long lasting. It has dimensions 32 x 24 x 67 inches and weighs approximately 435 pounds.

Frequently asked questions

There are a few questions that are common amongst all customers when they review the product at first. For your ease, we have compiled those questions and answered them.

Does it come with a warranty?

Like all Ingersoll products, the Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor also comes with a warranty. It has a two years warranty with an extended warranty for the pump. Moreover, it comes with a free one-year maintenance and also has all the things that you need to set the compressor up,however, there is no start-up kit.

The company has all the points covered and makes sure to keep their clients content in all ways.

What kind of motor is used?

The motor used in this air compressor is the typical 230/460 volts motor but it’s working, and running is nothing less than efficient, convenient and ergonomic. With its lubricant, it can work all season easily and can work for more than 2000 hours at a stretch without requiring an oil change.

Does the package include a startup kit?

Unfortunately, the Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor does not come with a startup kit. If you don’t already have one, you have to purchase it separately. Also, it does not come with an air ratchet either, you have to purchase that separately as well.

What kind of wiring is needed?

The compressor does not come with a plug and needs hard wiring done as well. For proper wiring, it requires 230 volts and 60 amperes pole breaker and a compatible wiring. This cannot be done at home if you are not a professional, you need to contact one if you want the compressor to work fine.

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What does the customer say?

Approximately 95 percent of the customers are more than happy with their purchase. Since this product is a professional product and not a hobby type, only serious buyers buy it and they have some serious reviews to give.

Most of the reviews given by customers are above 4.5 stars. They say that this particular air compressor is one of the best of the market and can easily be termed as the most efficient one according to them. The customers are not only happy with the working of the machine but are also very happy with the price it gives.

Some of the customers are return buyers and have bought this machine as a replacement for the previous similar air compressor. They say that the previous machine from Ingersoll Rand worked for 15 whole years and now they have high hopes from this machine as well.

However, there are a fraction of people who did not like the working of this air compressor but that can be for a number of reasons. One of them is that the capacity of this air compressor is less than the capacity actually required for the task they are carrying out.

Overall the response given by the users and clients is very good. Almost all of them use the air compressor for heavy-duty and industrial level work and are very pleased with it. It does not require a lot of maintenance and also comes with one-year free maintenance that does the trick.


If you want an air compressor that is high-end yet not very expensive, efficient and heavy-duty yet not very heavy and ergonomic yet easy to install, then this, Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon air compressor is the one for you.

It has been endorsed by many industrialist and renowned mechanics and is known to be one of the best on the market, hence, it can help you do all your work very efficiently. This air compressor is known to be durable and can have life more than 10 decades which makes its design very economic and ergonomic. However, the fact that it does not come with a ratchet and a starter kit is a slight turn off but even if you add the price, it is lower than other air compressors of the same level. Thus, buying this particular air compressor can make things easier for you at work.