Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus Review

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If looking for a high-end solution to your spray painting needs, then look no further than the Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus, a high-priced unit capable of directly spraying from 1 or 5 gallon paint cans. Multiple accessories are included, notably the SG2 metal spray gun, 25-foot hose, 515 RAC IV tip, tip guard, operation DVD, and quick start-up guide.

The flexible paint supply hose is a great feature that doesn’t come off as a cheap piece of plastic, and actually feels and looks like it will last through a multitude of projects. Using the pail hook, you can connect a paint can directly to the sprayer and move it with you until it’s empty, repeating the process with another. This is a definite step up from smaller portable spray painting units, and adds more useful features than you’ll be able to use.

When you receive the unit, the sprayer is already assembled and ready to go out of the box, so there is no fumbling around trying to figure out how to put things together. When projects are finished, cleaning the unit is as easy as using the power-flush adapter, requiring only a garden hose to be attached to flush out the system. For any problems you run into while using the system the customer support is pretty adequate, and for more serious issues there is a 1-year limited warranty. Don’t let the limited warranty fool you, though; this is a pretty good one. This is the high-end version of the paint spraying system for users that want to complete a job as close to a professional standard as possible. And don’t be surprised if you see professionals using this unit as well, as it’s one of the best deals on the market today.

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Compared to the Competition

There are a plethora of features that separate the Graco 257025 from other painters, mainly the ability to simply attach a full can of paint to the system and start working. The range of home projects this can be used with includes ceilings, walls, fences, decks, doors, and more. Everything can be carried together with the integrated pail hook, and with a weight of only 15 pounds, there is little worry about moving it from point A to point B. When the power-flush adapter is paired with the Reverse-A-Clean spray tip, you not only get the easiest way to clean the unit, but a foolproof way to get rid of any clogs.

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This is the easiest high-end system you can get without breaking the bank for a professional system. Easy-to-recognize user symbols on the spray gun allow you to select between low and high settings without ever worrying if it’s in the correct position. An innovative feature to help people who are working in an environment where a new room is being built is the lighted power plug that let’s you know whether the source is giving it power or not. Compared to other paint sprayers on the market, this unit does everything right and nothing wrong.


The compact design of the unit not only holds everything together in an easy-to-carry box, but it has extra compartments for the spray gun, extra spray tips, and power cord. Everything fits neatly in place and you won’t have to worry about missing components if this is your primary spray painter. Reach isn’t an issue since the maximum hose length is a long 50 feet, which is more than enough to handle anything in your house, even the ceiling.

Underneath the hood is a very powerful engine that is 3/8 HP universal and made specifically for getting paint out of the sprayer as quickly and efficiently as possible. Without the extra messy hookups associated with using an external compressor, you’re left with a cleaner work space. The size of the box is pretty unique but not bulky to the point where it can’t be stored properly. The length and height is only 13.8 inches while the width is 12.1, meaning it’s no bigger than a really well-made toolbox.

This is also one of the few sets that comes with an instructional DVD that explains the features inside out, without leaving you with any hanging questions. It’s not only informative but is also a very good insight into the world of spray painting as a whole. When in doubt, you may find yourself referencing the instructional DVD rather than the manual, quite simply because it’s one of the best included media for a product to come out in years.

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This is the best paint sprayer system I’ve seen in years for home users, and the more you look at the features and compare them to other models, the more you’ll agree. The instructional DVD was a stroke of marketing genius that pretty much replaces the enclosed instruction manual and makes it easy to go directly to items of interest, whether you’re a first-time user or a professional. The power is more than adequate, and in some stages can be surprising when set to full blast. Unclogging and cleaning the unit is so easy it can take literally minutes to complete. This isn’t a hard decision for anyone looking for an end-all-be-all paint spraying system that can handle anything you throw at it. Just take the plunge and make the purchase and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well this beats out the competition┬átoday, and possibly for years to come.