DeWalt 120-Gallon Air Compressor

DeWalt 120-Gallon

  • 35.0-CFM at 100-PSI
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • 120 gallon tank with high flow port
  • 2 year pump warranty

Compressors are an imperative part of a hardware worker’s toolbox. These compressors are compatible with almost all kinds of nail and water machines, however, have you ever heard a compressor when it’s turned on? The sound is almost deafening. In the past, the idea of a quiet compressor was almost foreign to people working in the industry because the process of reducing the noise almost always resulted in the reduction of efficiency of the compressor.

Fortunately, DeWalt has brought a revolution to the world of air compressors and now efficient air compressors that don’t really make a lot of noise actually do exist. DeWalt has been in the industry for a long time and it has been delivering the utmost best since the past many years. its air compressors are no less, they stand out among all other air compressors.

The best part of DeWalt air compressors is gallon, they are available in many ranges. From 20-gallon air compressors to 120-gallon air compressors, they are available in all ranges for all kinds of tasks (here you can read the guide of DeWalt 60-gallon air compressors).

In this article, the topic of review is the DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor. Although it has rivals like Atlas Copco AR15 and EMAX industrial plus the DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor stands out due to its unique efficiency and quiet working, it surpasses all the other compressors on the market. With its twin cylinders, the construction is done such that it does not make the typical deafening sound.

This article is all about the DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor and how it can help you take your construction game up a level.


  • It has three phase capacity which provides better efficiency.
  • It can help in running more than one tool at a time.
  • Its pistons are patented.
  • The pump design is also patented.


  • The size is quite bulky and heavy.

Key features

The key features of this product that makes it unique and efficient as compared to its competitor are:

Power supply

The DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor is an electric compressor and comes with pre-wiring and a magnetic started kit. This power supply not only increases the efficiency of the compressor but also improves the life of the product. Moreover, due to the pre-wiring did and the magnetic started kit, it does not need very high maintenance as opposed to other gasoline-powered compressors. It also comes with a power cord safety rulebook as it is a large machine and requires heavy duty electric current to run, power cord safety is extremely important in cases like these.


Like cars and bikes, horsepower determines the efficiency and pressure that is created by the compressor hence, it is a very important part of the specifications that are added to the compressor. The DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor comes with a motor that has a 10.0 horsepower. Moreover, it has a three-phase capability which means the wiring is divided into three parts. This helps in improving efficiency by distributing the alternating current. This type of wiring is usually used in power grid stations to efficiently distribute electric power throughout the city.

Air pressure

This feature helps in determining the kind of compressor you need. Air pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi) and the minimum air pressure needed for a compressor to work efficiently is 90 psi. However, the DeWalt 120-gallons air compressor provides an air pressure of 100 psi and 175 psi which is so much better than most of the air compressors present on the market. the air pressure you get at a time also depends on the volume that you have chosen. The air pressure provided by this compressor is quite sufficient and is ample to carry out any industrial grade work.

Air volume

Without a sufficient amount of air volume, you cannot run the compressor efficiently. The air volume produced by any compressor is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). The DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor provides a high cfm rating and a high cfm rating displacement. At 100 psi it provides 35 cfm volume which makes it compatible with most of the tools out there. This is the air pressure and volume required to run basic tools. At 175 psi it provides an air volume of 33.6 cfm which makes it ideal for all kind of industrial grade work.

Tank size

The tank size of compressor is important because it helps in storing the air. A large reservoir or tank size means never running out of the air. This is important because in case you need a larger volume of air for half the time, you can get it if you have a larger reservoir. A smaller reservoir will keep on running out of the air. The DeWalt 120-gallons air compressor has an extra capacity oil reservoir and has a 120-gallon tank as well. So, this compressor makes sure you don’t run out of the air in between your work.

Two-stage compressor

This compressor by DeWalt is very famous for its two-stage working. It has two cylinders and the working includes pumping of air from one cylinder into the other and then into the tank. The process that takes place is the cooling of the air. From one cylinder to the other, the air is cooled and compressed. At first, it is sent to a cylinder with 100 psi. In this cylinder, it is cooled again and sent to the tank where it finally reaches 175 psi. This is another feature that is added to this compressor that makes it perfect for industrial users.


Last but not least is the construction of the compressor. It is made with cast iron that is treated for corrosion and rust. Cast iron is used for the construction of tanks and reservoir as well. This helps in keeping the compressor intact for a long time as cast iron is one of the most durable materials available. The cast iron construction also helps in improving the workability of the product. Moreover, it reduces the amount of maintenance that is needed to keep the compressor intact.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the queries that most people have regarding this compressor are:

What difference does patented and non-patented make?

An invention or construction is not your own as long as you don’t patent it. Anything that is patented by a company belongs to that specific company and hence, has a better quality an innovative construction. This compressor has patented pistons and pumps used in it which means that these two things are the company’s own design with innovative features and are not available to any of the other companies for use. Thus, a similar construction is not found in any of the other compressors.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, DeWalt offers a warranty with all of its products. This one is no exception. It comes with a two years warranty for the pump that pumps the air in and out of the compressor and one-year warranty for all the other parts of the compressor. Their customer service is also very good and caters the client’s demand as soon as possible.

What kind of motor does it use?

It uses a heavy-duty motor with 230/460 volts. It is not usually recommended for normal use at home rather it is used for industrial grade work by construction workers and industrial workers.

Does it come with air packed in the tank?

The DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor manufacturers have taken care of each and every part from shipping to construction. The compressor comes with full synthetic air compressor oil to keep the compressor from malfunctioning on its way to the client. It is a very heavy and large machine so it requires certain care while shipping.

How much does it weight?

Since it is a heavy-duty machine with two cylinders and two-stage process it is quite heavy. It weighs 900 pounds and has 28.5 x 74 x 56.5 inches dimensions.

What do customers say?

With a 5 on 5 rating from the customers, most of them are very happy with their purchase. Since it is not a household product, it is not used by many people rather is purchased by companies and vendors who tend to do construction work and other heavy-duty work.

Most of the customers are very happy with their purchase and state that they would not trade this machine for any other compressor on the market. the main features that stand out in this compressor according to the customers are the two-stage process that helps it in working more efficiently than one stage, also they run quietly.

Most clients say that the compressor noise that they work with started affecting their ears and gave them headaches as they had to work around the deafening noise for hours and hours. After they purchased this specific compressor, not only their efficiency increased but also their peace of mind.

Moreover, some of the customers have been using this machine for years now and have said it is a very low maintenance machine, does not require a lot of work and after so many years it still works like new.

Hence, an overall impression of this machine is very good, the only drawback that some of the people mentioned is its large size and heavyweight.


According to what has been mentioned above and the reviews that people gave, it can be deduced that DeWalt has done an amazing job with the DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor. It is one of its kind and has defeated all its competitors not only in working but also in the efficiency and the overall feasibility it provides its user.

Most of the people didn’t even have to use their warranty and their machine is intact for years. which means that this compressor is very much durable and worth the money.

If you are looking for an industrial grade compressor that can help you with your work, you will not find a better compressor than the DeWalt 120-gallon air compressor.

DeWalt 120-Gallon

  • 35.0-CFM at 100-PSI
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • 120 gallon tank with high flow port
  • 2 year pump warranty