Best Air Compressor Brands

Figuring out the best air compressor brands for each person is a tricky business, since each consumer has different needs. While some individuals want air compressors backed by strong style, gallon capacity, or brand, others may want top-rated models by reputation. There are a few brands that truly stand out on the market. Here’s a list of the top air compressor brands currently available.

1. Senco

Senco puts out quality hot dog and gas compressor units, offering great compressors that are highly portable and easy to transport between various locations. While running, their smaller generators typically deliver half horsepower to a full unit at peak capacity. The tank holds one gallon and that makes this a highly portable, easily refillable unit.

Senco has released a number of reliable renovation and home improvement compressors, especially for putting in plenty of power to your paint sprayer or home nailer. You can also do smaller crafts and artistic projects around the home with Senco’s generators, such as the PC1010. For each minute, you will get 20-44 drives, depending on how many applications you’re using and which tool you have connected to it. Senco’s compressors use lube free pumps, so you don’t need to worry about oil.

2. Makita

Another top air compressor brand is Makita, which puts out 2 HP air compressors — among other models as well. One of their most popular is the MAC700. This is a consistent, reliable compressor with a great motor. This is definitely an industrial application compressor, including oil lubricant for cooler running and lower amp draws to reduce breaker tripping and voltage reduction.

Makita compressors also seem to be significantly quieter. Their Big Bore model is among the most popular, offering lower RPM and greater displacement – and thus, it’s one of the best pneumatic powering models available. Makita includes one-year warranties and great stroke/bore for their units. This is one company you can go to repeatedly for the best air compressors available.


PORTER-CABLE puts out a lot of great models for their air compressor selection, with one of the most popular being the C2002-WK pancake. This is a very portable brand of compressor and includes tank pressure of close to 150 PSI. This is great for sprayer tools and nailers. It also runs at roughly 2.5 cfm at 90psi. Thus, when you use the compressor, you’ll quickly recover air and pressure that is lost.

Additional perks of PORTER-CABLE units include the fact that they prevent leaks and seriously save effort through coupling and plugs that come factory-built in to the air hose. So you won’t have to get someone else to install these devices. It has a six gallon tank and helpful rubber feet to improve stability, as well as water drain valves that add convenience for draining PORTER-CABLE units. The compact design and portability of these models makes them a great choice for any compressor usage.

4. California Air Tools

California Air Tools is one of the longest running air compressor brands, putting out a number of industrial grade compressors that are also very quiet. They are portable and rugged, providing reduced maintenance thanks to oil free pumps. Their larger models pack a whopping 10 gallons of fuel storage, which is plenty to get you through a full day on the construction site or for simple home usage.

Perks of California Air Tools models include their easy start valve technology as well as fairly low starting amp draw — at just fourteen amps. You definitely want lower amp draws so that if low voltage drops occur, you are protected.

5. Industrial Air Contractor

Industrial Air Contractor is another popular compressor brand. Including a 4-gallon direct drive capability with a Honda engine installed, this is one of the best gas powered compressor companies out there. With its powerful motor, this is an excellent brand to choose for stronger applications.

6. Dewalt

Dewalt is one other company that puts out really good air compressors with a powerful reputation. Their smaller DWFP55130 unit is a great indoor compressor, with 2.5-gallon capacity with max 200 PSI pressure. This is a smaller, compact compressor, which is also quite lightweight and portable. You can definitely tote this one around the house for odd jobs you need to finish.

Backed by reputation, customer reviews, and a long-standing history of delivering great compressors, these brands have proven themselves multiple times over. If you’re looking for the best air compressor brands to buy from, these are just a few to take a look at.