Air Tools

It’s no secret that professional and DIY workshop owners prefer to use pneumatic tools. These tools are more powerful, more efficient, lighter, and easier to handle than electric or battery-operated machines. They are also less expensive and safe to use in places where electricity presents a danger.

Pneumatic tools are, of course, powered by compressed air, so the workshop will require a top-rated air compressor before such tools are installed. Once you have purchased a suitable air compressor for your workshop, you’ll be on the lookout for the best air tools to kit your bench.

So, if you’re on the lookout for pneumatic tools, we’ve done the research for you. Based on his experience, our professional handyman, Jose Wessley, has sought out some of the best impact wrenches, spray guns, air nailers, sanders, and staple guns available on the market today.

Our reviews have been carefully categorized for your convenience. From these reviews, you should find the product with the features that suit your requirements at a price that matches your budget.

10 Best Paint Sprayers Reviews

Best Paint SprayersWhatever your requirement or the size of the spray job that you are planning, this section gives you a pretty good overview of what you can get for your budget. We cover entry-level sprayers to highly sophisticated units to give you a good idea of what is available. High quality paint sprayers will feature a number of extras, for which you may have to pay, so do your research before you splash out.

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Graco Project Painter

In this review, we take a look at the high-end Graco spray painter. This product comes with a wide selection of features and options that will make any paint job a pleasure. It is also capable of painting almost any surface. With DVD instructions, this product will help you to make a masterpiece of any paint job.

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Critter Siphon Gun Review

Our reviews cover every budget. The Critter siphon gun is on the lower end of the price range and it comes with all the required accessories. Despite its price, the gun, when attached to the mason jar, is capable of spraying almost any paint product from lacquer to dye. All you need is an air compressor and a Critter siphon gun kit and you can embark on your project.

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9 Best Air Staple Guns for Large Projects

Best Air Staple GunsA staple gun is one of the simplest power tools on the market. In these reviews, we offer you a range of products with prices to suit every pocket. We’ve covered various units with features and capacities to cover all your project requirements. All the big brands are also represented in the lineup. Read on and make sure that you make an informed choice when you buy the best staple gun for your project.

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10 Highest Quality Nailers by Brand

In this series of reviews, you’re bound to find an air nailer to suit your task. We feature all of your favorite brands with a number of low-cost solutions that won’t break the bank. We reviewed products in a broad range of prices. That way, you get to choose the price and features that suit you.

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Air Impact Wrenches

Air Impact WrenchesImpact wrenches are not all created equal. They differ in size and power. The one that suits you will depend very much on the requirements of the task. Size, weight, torque and ergonomic grip could all sway your purchase decision one way or the other. On the other hand, brand and warranty could be equally important to you. Find the best air impact wrench here.

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6 Most Powerful Air Sanders

air sanderTake the backbreaking effort out of sanding when you invest in a powerful air sander. We review orbital and straight-line sanders that are lightweight yet powerful. Paired with an appropriate air compressor, any one of these sanders will make light work of routine sanding projects around your home.

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Wagner Spray Paint Station

Wagner Spray Paint StationFor some people, only the best tools will do, regardless of price. This is why we’ve taken a close look at one of the best high-end spray paint kits available. The Wagner spray paint station has everything that you need in an easy to carry injection molded case. This ensures that everything you need to do the job is always at hand.

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