Air Hawk Pro Cordless Portable Air Compressor Review

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Portable

  • Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
  • Digital LED Tire Gauge
  • Inflates in 90 Seconds or Less!
  • Built-in LED Light

Sometimes you need a tool that is simple, effective and doesn’t require a PhD to use. The Air Hawk Pro cordless checks all of those boxes, and it is also low cost. This is a quality AIO air compressor that is small enough to hold in one hand. There are no extra wires, and it tends to hold up well for the most basic of tasks. You won’t be pumping up an eighteen wheelers tires with this, but common daily use, it will become an irreplaceable tool. The EPAuto 12v is a good comparison, plugging directly into the cigarette lighter of the car for power. But that is the fundamental difference between these two products. The Air Hawk Pro requires no external power source, so its usability extends far greater than the tires of your car (get the top Air Compressors for Inflating Tires here). Inside and outside of the home, it will become your most used tool electric tool. The only thing that will prevent it from outright replacing your main air compressor is its lack of power.


  • Small and compact enough to fit in a glove box or tool box
  • Low price so that it is friendly for all types of consumers
  • Weighs only 1.9 pounds total
  • Comes with adapters for the most popular air-filled products
  • Built in digital pressure gauge so that you get it just right
  • Replaceable battery
  • Built in LED light to help you see in the dark
  • Automatically shuts off when reaching the desired pressure


  • Not powerful enough to replace mid-tier air compressors

Key Features

You wouldn’t expect this little thing to be so feature packed, but it really is surprising. The amount of work that the company put into making it should be commended. This is one of those tools that everyone should own. Not only is it a lifesaver, but in certain circumstances it can save you a lot of money.

Low Price

Having a do it all air compressor at a low price is a feature that benefits multiple customers. It opens up your finances for the many potential upgrades to this product. Buying extra tips, a battery and an extra charger would still put this in the low-price range. An even bigger takeaway is that it would still cost less than buying a brand-named small air compressor. If you don’t need any major jobs done, then the Air Hawk Pro will be more than sufficient for day to day use.

Easy To Use

Bigger air compressors have complex features that require reading to use them safely. Trying to use a bigger air compressor and skipping the manual will lead to a lot of frustration with its mechanics. To get around this, the Air Hawk Pro is no more difficult to use than a regular hand tool. If you’ve operated a drill before, then consider this its little brother. Even changing the tips is like going from a flathead to a Philips head on an electric drill. The gauge, its most advanced feature, is purely automated unless you want to use specific settings.

Accurate Digital Pressure Gauge

One of the more frustrating tasks when filling anything with air is knowing the current pressure. The digital readout on this product has been praised as being one of the most accurate, even among more expensive competition. Accurate readouts prevent you from having to carry a second tool with your air compressor. There are many digital pressure gauges with similar functionality that retail for the same price as this full AIO set. With big clear numbers, you won’t ever feel the need to purchase a separate tool.

Multiple Attachments

The Air Hawk Pro can be used on tires, basketballs or anything that accepts its three nozzles. All of the attachments that come with it can be extended with optional purchases. Any air valve is compatible with the Air Hawk Pro. The only thing that will prevent it from working with a specific product is if it doesn’t the power recommendation. Remember, this model is meant for light duty. Inflatable toys, bike tires, sports equipment and more will work great when filling up. The digital pressure gauge is accurate for all the items listed so that you don’t overfill.

Adapter Is Included

You don’t have to take the battery off of the unit to charge it. An adapter is included with the purchase so that the battery can be charged while still being attached. If you are willing to spend a little more, buying a separate battery pack will ensure that the unit stays portable and powered 100% of the time. It is one of many options to enhance the user experience without having to overspend. Length of the cord is average, but will do the job just fine if you’re near an outlet. Since it doesn’t draw a lot of power while charging, you won’t have any issues putting it on any type of outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Replace A Professional Air Compressor?

No. If you’re talking about one of the smaller ones, then it is a possibility. But this is very much a consumer grade air compressor that can also be used to supplement a regular air compressor. You won’t be powering tools and paint sprayers with this product.

Are There Different Color Options?

Sadly, no. The Air Hawk Pro is a ‘what you see is what you get’ type design. It has the usual made for tv handiwork on the box, with the actual design looking like a small power drill. A lot of people will even make the mistake of thinking it is a generic power tool.

Is It Easy To Use With One Hand?

Yes! In fact, that is its intended use. It is light enough to be held in one position without needing to support it with your other hand. Arthritis users may have issues keeping the button held down during longer periods of operation. The button isn’t a hair trigger, but it has a soft enough touch to not need a lot of pressure to keep held down.

Will The Car Adapter Be Included?

Did you forget to charge the battery? Then use the included car adapter. It’s a great inclusion to the package if you travel with the Air Hawk Pro in your car. With the car adapter, the 12v power source in your car can fully operate this air compressor to its max capacity. This makes it perfect in the many emergency scenarios that can occur while on the side of the road.

What Does The Customer Say?

Very Low Noise

Unsurprisingly, there is very little noise from this air compressor. With some of the medium and larger models sounding like a broken coffee machine, the Air Hawk Pro stands out as a nice alternative. You can blow up an air mattress in the next room over without waking anyone up in the house. You can fill the tires of your car while the baby is asleep in the back. Buyers love the low noise of this product when it is necessary to use it in public or private settings.

Battery Lasts A Long Time

Consumers that forget to charge their products can get away with days of no power source. The battery that comes equipped with the unit is strong, holding a considerable charge before needing to be recharged. You can fill an entire tire even if your last charge was a couple of days ago. This has helped out a lot of buyers that use the Air Hawk Pro as a secondary unit. Instead of being surprised by a dead air compressor, they had just enough juice to get work done for their business or home project. That’s pretty impressive power saving features for a product that can fill up four tires.

Controls Are Easy To Grasp

Other than a few settings here and there, consumers never had to fuss about with the controls. The main learning curve was setting the appropriate pressure so that it shuts off automatically. This has the same difficulty as setting a timer on a stopwatch. Many customers didn’t even need the included booklet to figure out the pressure settings. There really isn’t an advanced set of options, so for most the manual stayed in the box. The only time you’ll need it is for more information about the brand’s products and accessories.

LED Light Is A Lifesaver

Usually when a brand adds an extra feature like a light, it becomes ‘just another feature’. Instead of being a useless add-on, the LED light has been regarded by customers as a necessary feature. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a hole attachment in complete darkness. Some consumers have even used it as a strong portable flashlight to lead them through darkness. It won’t replace a top-grade flashlight, but the battery is strong enough to keep the LED light on for hours at a time. Think of it as a feature that is part of the identity of the product.

Pin Attachments Are Well Built

A flimsy nozzle can break off and damage the product you are trying to fill with air. That wasn’t a complaint from customers that used the Air Hawk Pro, so the company managed to stay away from cheap components. The pin attachments aren’t on the level of more expensive products, but they do hold up well. Buyers that purchased the Air Hawk Pro were happy with the level of performance they got out of the included attachments. This favor has led to not needing additional attachments or its replacements.

Final Words

The Air Hawk Pro is a fantastic cordless air compressor that everyone should own. Even if you have your eyes on something like the EPAuto 12v, keep in mind that it is primarily meant for filling car tires. The Air Hawk Pro is for everything small task in and out of the home. Professionals have even found a use for this to compliment their regular equipment. Even if you own an air compressor, the Air Hawk Pro will make a fine addition to your home. At such a low cost, it is a no brainer when you need a superior tool. And its small size will guarantee that you can take it anywhere that it’s needed.

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Portable

  • Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
  • Digital LED Tire Gauge
  • Inflates in 90 Seconds or Less!
  • Built-in LED Light