About Us

I’m Jose Wessley, Handyman Extraordinaire. I have always been fascinated by machines and tools, and with how creative a person can be when they have a well-equipped workshop. Over the years as I have stocked my workshop, I have had to research the best equipment, including which air compressor to purchase. This is why I have put together these reviews of compressors, to save other keen workers or business-people from duplicating the effort.

Air compressors are handy and versatile machines capable of powering any number of pneumatic tools and are useful for filling various gas cylinders and inflating tires. To determine which machine you need for the tasks that you have lined up for it, there are certain key criteria that apply. These include the following, and form the basis of the reviews:

  • How much CFM do you need? – This depends on the tools that you wish to power, now and in the future.
  • Power source – Gas or electric.
  • PSI – Pounds per square inch. The higher the PSI, the quicker it will refill and the bigger the task it can take on. PSI is especially important if you plan to use the compressor professionally.
  • Tank Size – The larger the tank, the more compressed air it can carry, but the tank size will also affect the portability of the unit so you’ll have to balance your tank size requirement with your need for portability.
  • Single or dual outlet – The larger units often have dual outlets meaning you can use the compressor for more than one tool at once.
  • dBA – The quieter the unit the better. Some compressors are very noisy and can lead to complaints from the neighbors.
  • Accessories – When comparing prices, it is very important to determine what accessories are included in the kit, as this can make a big difference to the total cost of ownership.

In compiling this review I have included all the information that you might require, regardless of whether you are looking to replace the compressor in your garage at home, or whether you wish to use it in your workshop or professionally in your customers’ homes.

If you carefully match your requirements to the specifications in this review and look after the machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, your equipment should work for you for years. My hope is that this comprehensive review will help you find the right machine for your requirements.