Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station

It’s always nice when a company has a specific target in mind and can cater to them with the best the brand has to offer. That’s the case with this high-priced Wagner 0529021 Flexio which functions as an all-in-one solution for paint spraying. Everything is self contained and all you need to get started is the paint and an outlet. The system can cover an 8 x 10-foot wall with unthinned latex paint in 5 minutes flat. The detail finish nozzles and iSpray are built to last and work across both interior and exterior surfaces. With adjustable spray patterns and variable power settings, painting the surface of your dreams is as easy as making this one-time purchase. The unit is covered with a 1-year warranty and is backed by great phone customer service.

Since everything fits all in this one box, there is little need for you to worry about missing pieces to the set. Everything you need to get started can be carried in the simple setup kit. Just bring your paint, read the instructions, and get ready for a new experience. The detail finish nozzle is one of the many adjustments and pieces you can use, with this particular one allowing you to finely finish projects to give them that professional once over. By using the X-Boost Turbine you get great spraying power, full coverage, low overspray, and fully adjustable control all in one hand. The actual brain and power of the unit stays within the box so you can concentrate on spraying rather than worrying about an extra air compressor, its settings, or even the weight of the turbine in your hand. Spray painting isn’t for everyone, and there are going to be doubters everywhere. By settling on this system though you’re guaranteed one of the best painting experiences of your life.

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Spray Painting vs. Traditional Painting

Spray painting is popular but still isn’t the preferred method of painting by most professionals so there is a bit of an invisible line when it comes to how to approach a job. Considering that a spray kit like this can potentially save hundreds if not thousands for the crafty DIY individual, this kit is an invaluable resource and at the very least a starting point for all home painting projects. The first con of using any kit like this is that it’s going to use more paint than your traditional route of a roller and brush. So be prepared for overhead costs of more paint, possibly buckets more depending on the area you want to do. You also have to do a lot of extra cleaning, which isn’t a bad thing when you think about it. But not properly cleaning a brush/roller is not as costly as not cleaning this kit properly. The most fun part about spray painting with this kit is just how easy it is to get started, as there really is nothing complicated about the entire process. A quick once over of the manual and you’ll be ready to go with your first job in under an hour.


The carrying case/integrated storage is a very nice quality, and if it didn’t come as a spray paint set it would work awesome as a toolbox. The maximum pressure is 3 PSI and it has the unique ability to spray un-thinned paints including paint and primer in one product. When changing materials it’s quick and easy with the lock-n-go feature, which lets you seamlessly change important pieces out for cleaning or different jobs.

If you do a lot of spray painting the filter on the turbine is replaceable, which is key since this is the most important part of the unit. Make sure to take care of the turbine above all else or else you’ll have an expensive paperweight on your hands. The cup size on the iSpray nozzle is 1-½ quart while on the detail finish nozzle it’s 20 fluid ounces.

The air hose that goes from the unit to the nozzle is 11.5 feet, and it’s quite a sturdy hose that will last you a while after the break-in period. Whenever you need to fill up the cups you can use the directional suction tube, yet another one of the features that makes this one of the friendliest spray kits on the market. Extra iSpray and detail finish accessories are available for multiple colors or other project requirements. Basically it’s all up to your imagination once you get this kit, as it can pretty much do anything that a brush or roller can, only quicker. For the tech savvy user, the flow rate is 0.14 and the spray settings max out at a total of 15, giving you ultimate control over your project.

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It’s not often that a product is this complete without any discernible flaws, but apparently the Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station really is the perfect spray painting kit for beginners. It has everything you need in one box, and without the need for any external air compressors or other tools it’s the go-to home solution for getting that project done correctly. The tradeoff obviously is using more paint, but when you consider the speed of the job compared to doing it manually it’s a fair tradeoff of time that really does wonders if you know what you’re doing. And with the way they’ve set the unit up it has so many foolproof features that it’s hard to not know what you’re doing. If you’re looking for an all-in-one spray painting solution, then this is not only the perfect choice, it’s the only choice.