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DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor Review

This high priced name branded compressor has 3.0 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump all in a roomy 2.5 gallon tank. They pushed the limits with the unit and the max PSI is a soaring 200 while still making the unit very much durable and maintenance free over the years of heavy operation. It’s pretty quiet at 71 dB so there is little to worry about in terms of keeping a quiet workplace. The noise level can still be pitchy at peak times though, so be aware of that and adjust accordingly. The breaker is less likely to be tripped due to the low 12 amp draw from the motor, which also is able to start up in cold conditions. With little headache to worry about in getting the unit started there is even less to worry about when keeping it running at peak PSI.

The design is a the usual professional black and yellow that we’ve come to expect from DeWalt, with a nice lightweight 36 pound body with an included handle that makes it easy to transport. It’s also very thin at 12.5 meaning that it can be stored in the best of places and won’t clash with other tools in your space. This comes into place most when you need to take it along with you in a car or a truck, and can stow it away easy like it was a bag of luggage. The warranty isn’t that great to speak of, and is a 1 year limited warranty that will grace you with support if needed. Since the durability of the unit isn’t to be questioned as it’s of the highest standards, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem with needing to use that warranty. You’re getting a good deal with this unit which is fairly quiet and ultra portable, so make sure not to pass it up.

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For a unit so small it packs quite the punch, although that punch is little more tame than some of the others on the market. It gets by with a belt drive that is capable of 1.1 max HP, which does well since the capacity of the tank is only 2.5 gallons and the pump speed is 2,300 RPM. You’ll get a small fast air compressor that won’t have huge power gains but won’t overtax itself or make you wait for what it has to offer. The regulator is high flow and is one of a series of great advancements on this product that makes it quick and effective. Don’t let the low 12 amp power draw fool you, the unit can fire a large amount of nails before needing to refill, and when it refills the time is extremely fast. All of this is provided in a nice power friendly package that won’t trip any breakers even when it’s in full operation.

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If you want to put a percentage on how fast it recharges when compared to other units then you’ll probably be looking at a 15% decrease in overall recharge time. Over the course of a work day that really adds up, and not only makes you more efficient but the project gets done either on time or ahead of schedule. You can even run up to a 50 foot extension cord and not worry about bothering the efficiency of the unit under high gains.


If you are always in tight spaces or weird angles then lugging around a compressor and standing it a certain way can really be a pain. The lightweight design of the unit not only helps with moving it, but storage and use as well. While running or storing the unit you can have it in the horizontal or vertical position and it won’t affect performance. This is a major gamebreaker that allows you a lot of options while working, and even more options when putting away the unit. The unit lacks big wheels but has a roll cage and control panel that protects the air compressor from major damage from work related hazards are just plain mishandling. If working with multiple nailers you can use the dual quick couplers to attach both. The feature to use dual tools is very easy to access and requires little configuration on your end, the machine will do the complicate stuff for you.

Draining the tank is like flipping a page thanks to the ball valve drain. Regular common sense maintenance and features like these make sure that you’re not running to DeWalt to work the warranty for good use. Unlike a lot of other units of this type you get a  convenient cord wrap feature so you don’t have to worry about separating the key components of the unit when you’re transferring it from one jobsite to the next. This works especially well for users that have multiple compressors and don’t want to mix cords with other units by mistake.

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A portable unit with a 2.5 gallon tank could have a lot of flaws, but they did a good job to make sure that this air compressor was one to look out for. It’s extremely quiet, fast, and convenient to use on multiple jobs. In this little unit they managed to squeeze in features that would make other air compressors on the market leagues better. You’re not going to find a lot of units that are this small and this portable that can handle two tools simultaneously and still have a quick recovery time. It would be nice to have maybe a 3-4 gallon tank, but then that would defeat the purpose of it being able to be stored in small places. Dewalt really went to bat with this model, and hopefully it’s one of many that will prove that portable units like these are good buys.