Dewalt 80-Gallon Air Compressor Review

Air compressors are not a new product, they have been providing folks with a sufficient amount of energy for a long time. These compressors are a necessity when it comes to the everyday tasks that are carried out by a handyman. The new compressor reviews you can read which are available now, compatible with all the latest cleaning equipment and work efficiently in lesser time than before.

The best thing about the latest technology being employed in these compressors is that they reduce the amount of noise emitted by the machines. In the past, individuals were irritated by the sound and the people working all day with the compressors often faced hearing problems. This issue has been solved with the Dewalt Air Compressor.

Dewalt Company has been producing excellent quality compressors for the past several years. The DeWalt 80 gallon air compressor is one of their latest inventions, which has revolutionized the way air compressors are used for various purposes. They can be used for small-scale operations and can also handle the large-scale duties.

Although you may find several compressors with the same features as the DeWalt 80 gallon air compressor, you cannot forego its superior quality. This article will help you in identifying the features of the compressor, which are different from its rival. The top one is the noise reduction. The packaging of the machine is done in a way that gives it a long life and protects it from all external harm.

If you are looking for upgrading your construction game, you need to read on and find out why the DeWalt 80-gallon air compressor is the best fit for you.

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  • It has two cylinders which result in the reduction in noise.
  • The integrated control panel allows for faster and easier control of the machine.
  • The design of the compressor is original and unique.
  • It is a heavy duty equipment that is reliable in the long run.


  • The size of the machine is big and cannot be carried around easily.

Key features

The main features of the DeWalt 80-gallon air compressor which make it unique are explained below. They will help you in understanding what the machine is all about.

Power Supply

The DeWalt 80 gal air compressor has an electric power supply which automatically makes it a better choice. Unlike the gasoline run products, the DeWalt is usable in the long run because it does not require as much power while also does the same amount of work. Moreover, it has a 240-volt electric motor which is already fitted in.

You do not need to worry about assembling anything. It exploits its aptitude to bring air at 175-PSI (Pressure per Square Inches) to efficiently power more than one air tool or device concurrently. It also does not need high maintenance as compared to the other compressors.

Horse Power

The DeWalt 80-gallon air compressor comes with excellent horsepower. As important as this feature is for cars and other motors, it plays an equally important role in determining the efficiency of an air compressor. The DeWalt engineers have used 5.2 horsepower motor in this machine. This is because the machine caters to all kind of work. It is not specific to any one kind of task. It also has a two-stage system which means that the tank is divided into two parts and the motor works easily in these parts. The work is not overburdened.

Air Pressure

As the air pressure is the main thing that you check before you buy an air compressor, you should rest easy as the DeWalt 80 gal air compressor is the best fit. The machine can deliver air at 175 pressure per square inches. This means that while you are working with one tool, you can also fit in another tool if the collective pressure needed by both is around the number stated above. This air pressure is enough for small-scale house jobs and also industrial level tasks that may not be dealt with easily with the lower level machines.

Air Volume

The features of the DeWalt 80 gal air compressor that make it stand out from the others available are the airflow regulator and the two-quick connect air outlets. Both these things make sure that the air volume remains steady while you are working and the machine does not get stuck anywhere. The pressure relief valve is another added feature which is used if you overwork the machine. The longer you need the machine for, the better it will serve you with the 80-gallon air receiver fitted in it.

Tank Size

The tank size is vital to check before you actually invest in an air compressor. Some of the biggest machines have the smallest reservoir of air saved and when the time comes to work, you learn that the tank size is not sufficient with your needs. With the DeWalt 80-gallon air compressor, however, this is will never happen. The tank size is big enough to aid you throughout your work (get an air compressor by size). Even if you need half the volume of air for a longer period of time, your tank will be sufficient.


While most people do not concentrate on this point as it is technical, this is important for you to understand. The construction of the DeWalt 80 gal air compressor is done by professionals. They have used a proper yet rugged cast iron pump and outer covering so that in the long run, the machine is not subjected to rust. The main idea is to give durability to the customer so that their investment is protected. The hard steel valves are shaped in discs for better running. The balance in the materials used is highly commendable.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the above-mentioned information may have helped most of you, there might still be some people who want more information. Here are the FAQs that will clear any queries you have:

Is buying a patented product better?

A patented product is definitely a better choice because it means the product is original and it does not have any copyright issues. Patented products have usually a lot of research done on them and they are deeply studied before actually being released in the market. This compressor is a patented product as its design is new and unique. You will feel much comfortable using it as it is nothing like the old products already in the market.

Will there be a warranty with this product?

The Dewalt Company is an excellent company when it comes to dealing with customers. They have always provided the best facilities to their customers. The DeWalt 80-gallon air compressor comes with a warranty of one year as well. If there is an issue that you are facing within this time frame, you can report it and the company will find a solution. They solve all the problems as soon as your report them.

What are the product dimensions and do they affect the quality of the machine?

The product dimensions are 35 x 32 x 79 inches and the overall weight of the machine is 470 pounds. As this is a heavy machine which serves the purpose of being used at home and also in industrial use, it will be a little difficult to carry around. However, the size and weight do not affect the quality of the machine. The machine works efficiently even if it heavy. You need to take care when you are transferring it from one place to another so that you do not hurt yourself.

Is it easy to transport?

The Dewalt Company has put special focus on the fact that while transporting the air compressors, accidents can happen. The air compressor is protected with the best kind of packing that keeps it safe in the long run as well as protects it from any external harm. When your order this product, the shipping may take a few days or weeks depending on where you live, but it will get to you safely.

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What do the customers say?

The rating of this machine is 4 out of 5 which is very good considering there are new products on the market as well. The customers are very happy with the results of the machine and especially the people who have been using it in their homes have commented on its efficiency and reliability.

Most customers are also pleased with the fact that as promised, the compressor does not make noise when it is being used. The health disadvantages have hence reduced considerably as well. The customers who have been using this machine for several years say that it is low maintenance and does not require a lot of money to be cleaned and managed. Overall, all the customers were satisfied with the use.


According to all the information provided above of the features of the machine, it can be said that the DeWalt 80-gallon air compressor is a must have for people who want to keep a safe machine at home. The views of the customers were clear enough in this regard and unlike the rivals of Dewalt, the company does not lie to sell its equipment. The overall feasibility of using this machine is very high and even though it comes with a warranty, most people do not have to use it.