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Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun Review

On the simpler side of the spray painting scene is this low cost option from Critter Spray that functions as an attachment on compatible mason jars. The spray gun kit requires the use of a compressor running at least 3 cfm at 90 PSI, so be prepared for disappointment if this option doesn’t work properly with your under powered air compressor. On the plus side the requirements are quite modest, so the chances of you not being able to meet this bare minimum is slim. When attached to a mason jar it has the capability to spray stains, lacquers, paint and even other liquids with great accuracy. Included is a starter mason jar and the metal spray gun which on first glance looks like a science project but is actually a very capable piece of equipment.

Other accessories include the tube, jar gasket, and instructions on how to get started. The included mason jar is 16 ounces and should be enough to get you on track, and when you graduate to other jars of the bigger variety it can be adapted to fit those as well. Once again a compressor is required and has to meet certain specs, and generally speaking if you adhere to a 3-4 horsepower minimum you’ll either meet or exceed the minimum requirements. The company decided to keep it simple with the settings and the only two adjustments available are regulating the air supply and the height of the liquid nozzle. It’s hard to really decide what to think about this particular product, as the ease of use is incredibly welcoming but for a little bit more money you can get an entire spray gun kit that doesn’t require the use of a compressor. I think that this product fits a certain niche and has its place, and on the strength of that alone it’s worth looking at.

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Is it Worth the Money?

If you look at it on a per project basis, I would definitely say no without hesitation. The lack of control means that you pretty much are just going to point and paint, with the ability to decide how much paint is squirting out of the gun at that particular point-and even then, it’s not as much of a variable as you might think. The ½ to 2 ½ inch circular pattern adjustment is like day and day rather than night and day. If you need to do a couple of spot checks in some tough to reach places then this is the item to get, since it doesn’t require a lot of lugging around or configuration.

Or maybe you want to cover an entire are in a base color with no special requirements, even then you can excel with this item. Regardless of how small the job is, the point is with the requirement of an air compressor you will always be restricted. On the other hand if you were to get a spray gun station with the built in turbine/compressor, you would have a lot less headache and could lug an entire spray station around like a toolbox.

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Where it Shines

co yo yo you will be in heaven using two of these side by side or using another air tool on one r and the Critter Spray on the other. Just judging by the amount of dual connection air compressors on the market it seems this product was made for them, and if you look closely at the requirements it mirrors what many dual air compressors are listed as. The Critter Spray also works well with spot checks as mentioned before, especially on projects where the main concern isn’t painting but rather fixing an area. Technically this product is whisper quiet and makes no noise, since the only noise from operation will come from the air compressor it’s attached to.


If what you’re trying to spray is too thick, you can always thin it out in order to make it spray properly. The manual has some very clear instructions on this tip as well as others so you don’t bang your head against the wall trying to get an easy product to work right. Make sure that when you’re purchasing extra mason jars for this that they are small mouthed, as wide mouth is considered a non-supported type. Mason jars are cheap and plentiful and realistically you can get an entire set of them from the store for under 10 bucks. Cleaning is easier than any other spray painting tool you’ll own, and all you have to do is connect another sealer jar with thinner in it, shake it up a bit and spray it some just to clean some leftover residue out! This is the easiest spray painting setup you will ever use, and nothing comes close in that regard.

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It’s the most unique yet simplistic spray gun you will ever own, and it’s at a very low price. If you don’t have a compressor then it’s a no brainer that this is a purchase you shouldn’t make. There is no point in buying something that you’re not even going to be able to use without the related accessory. However if you already own a compatible compressor and it has dual connections, then by all means by this in a set of two. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing two Critter Sprays side by side in harmony, doing what they were meant to do. It may not be the prettiest at what it does but it’s consistent, easy, and highly accessible to all skill levels. This is one of those products that not a lot of people will admit to loving, but is a great buy once you use it for your personal projects.