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California Air Tools CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet 6.3-Gallon Steel Tank Air Compressor review

There aren’t a lot of air compressors that can claim they aren’t huge distractions on the noise level. The California Air Tools CAR-6310 not only proves it’s possible without sacrificing power, but shatters previous records for dBA for air compressors of its size and larger. It’s only 60 decibels total which is in many cases 20 decibels less than other units, which is a remarkable feat with its 6.3 gallon tank and 49 pounds of total weight. The pump is oil-free and will last for years with little maintenance if you do normal monthly check ups correctly. For horsepower it’s a strong 1 HO when running and 2 HP at the peak, which isn’t an incredibly strong motor but works quite well for units of the same size.

The price is about on the middle point for those looking in that range, although you get a lot for what you pay for. When transporting the wheels are very well built and will not give you in troubles from going from point A to point B. At full operation you can expect it to only run at 1680 RPM for efficiency and to keep the sound to a minimum. The mechanics of the unit means it can operate perfect on uneven terrain and even adverse temperatures, not interrupting your hard daily work. Excess water is removed from the air through the added water trap, another performance gaining solution that makes this such a great buy. If noise is your main concern and you need a big air compressor, this would definitely be the way to go to guarantee you get the most out of a unit without sacrificing too much in other areas. As a portable unit that performs great in different conditions, it is a winner in every way.


You’d think with a steel tank that there wasn’t a lot to worry about in this area, but there are some noticeable things at first glance. The motor and the gauges are exposed, with no outer casings to protect them from anything that may hit it while in operation. This can prove problematic as it’s a mobile unit and not a stationary one, where just about any hazard that comes its way can damage and render the unit either dangerous or inoperable. The gauges are already off to begin with, but constantly knocking and use over the years without any protection will render them totally unreliable, especially if the unit is transported a lot. There will also be the exposed hoses, which don’t have a convenient cord wrap feature to go along with it. So although the unit itself is portable, any extras that have to be attached to it can’t go along with the unit-at least not as neatly as they should.


It’s easily 20 decibels quieter than any other unit in the market with the same specs, even smaller items half its weight. There is a lot to love about a whisper quiet air compressor that can run without scaring away the neighbors or disturbing your family. And the fact that they managed to do this without sacrificing power is a testament to how well it’s built. With 60 decibels a lot of people are worried if that will degrade over time to the point it will eventually be as loud as some of the other machines on the market. That isn’t so, as there are reports of people who have had the unit for a long time and have not had a degrade in the dB of the unit.

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As long as you are taking the regular maintenance precautions there is nothing to worry about as your unit will be as quiet 5 years from now as it is the day you bought it. If you factor in whatever tools or other items attached to it that makes noise, this would be the perfect foundation to starting a work environment that is filtered from unnecessary noise. It’s entirely possible to build a work space in your garage that uses this as the key component where in the end you’re not interrupting the rest of the house.

Some Key Features

When going from 90-120 PSI the recovery time is only 50 seconds, to give you an idea of how solid this can be. From empty tank to full you’re looking at 130 seconds, so it’s a bit long there but not too bad. There are worse ratings on other units, and considering it is a 6.3 gallon tank that’s a pretty appropriate time if you do the math. For safety there is a thermal overload protector and two pressure control gauges so you can monitor the action as it happens. They are only off by a bit so no big worries there.

This is an ETL certified unit with  a 1 year limited warranty that really is your standard, and won’t really cover when you really need it after the fact. The universal quick connector is ¼ inch and you can expect an amp draw of only 7.6, so nothing circuit breaking. And heat is handled very well with the overall construction, and dissipates a lot more efficiently than other models.


A life cycle of 3000 hours is the hallmark of this great product that shows that not all portable air compressors have to be alike. There is a lot to love about the California Air Tools CAR-6310 and that isn’t even counting it’s greatest feature of being quiet. You’ll get a lot of work out of this unit, and although it’s a bit disappointing that there isn’t a bit more protection surrounding the important parts, this is still an ideal solution for someone that wants a good air compressor for their value.